Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to your regularly scheduled knitting ...

So, some terms I'm better than others at keeping up with the blog than others, and this past one was obviously not one of them. It was a crazy term, and sadly, I got (of course) less knitting done than I anticipated.

But now I'm back at home until New Years, and Mom and I have been casting on non-stop. I have a serious cast on problem ... I love the excitement of the new project. So though I have at least one finished item to show off, and I know Mom has a few, for today, we'll just show off two new projects.

These are going to be little fingerless mitts (the cuff is worked flat then joined in the round -- this picture is from the day before yesterday, and we are now both done with the cuff). We're using this Daisy Mitts pattern and the called for Madelinetosh yarn in Bark and Ginsing (spelled all funnily). Can I take a moment to gush about the yarn? It is so so soft. And though when we were winding it up, there were quite a few knots/imperfections, the beauty of the colors and the softness of the yarn make up for it. We've had the yarn and pattern for awhile, and the urge to cast on struck Sunday night because, as we were working on our other newly begun project, our hands were freezing so we decided something had to be done.

Which brings me to our next project ... after I saw this a few months ago, I just could not stop thinking about it. I loved the garter, the noro ... and even though I don't wear kerchiefs, thought that it would be a very cute addition to my wardrobe. Right before I came home, Mom ordered the Noro Silk Garden sock as a little present to have when I came home, and we've both gotten a pretty good start on them. I don't know how big we'll make them ... I keep wanting to get to the next color in the Noro, so it may end up a bit bigger than the original. That's mine on the left, and Mom's on the right.

So after a long hiatus, knit two tog should be (hopefully) fairly active over the next month or so. We've got tons of knitting plans for my break (a box full of Peace Fleece arrived yesterday, and we are just waiting to get our hands on a copy of Knit.1 to make this sweater) so hopefully they'll be lots more to come. Stay tuned!

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