Thursday, September 4, 2008

Say, it's our blogiversary...

I went outside today with the intention of doing a little knitting and maybe writing a little post on some socks I've been working on. When I opened up the old laptop and signed into Blogger, I thought to myself, you know, our blogiversary will be here soon, I wonder when. So I checked it out and, what do you know, it's today. So here's a disclaimer before we get started. This is not really a blogiversary-worthy post. It snuck up on Mom and me, caught us unawares, so maybe later this week we'll do something special. And for now, you can check out the socks I'm making.

These were supposed to be an anniversary gift for Alex. Our anniversary was exactly two weeks ago, and I had exactly one sock done for him that day. I started these a little before Ravelympics, and between trying to (unsuccessfully) get the vest done and not being able to work on them when he was around (which was a lot), the going was slow. Now that he knows about them, hopefully I can finish the second sock soon. Guys socks just take so much longer, and I keep getting distracted by other things (like impromptu scarf projects).

The pattern is for a garter rib sock from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. Not the most exciting thing, to be sure, but I think it looks nice, and it's a good mindless project. I also absolutely adore the yarn. It's Emily Parson's sock yarn, Sophie's Toes in the "Thanks, Dad" colorway. I am absolutely in love with it. The colors are just so gorgeous. In fact, my favorite part of the whole sock is the sole ... the yarn just looks so great in stockinette:

Isn't that just beautiful? I would like to get some more of this color and make myself a pair of plain stockinette socks in it. Mom and I both got some more of her yarn in her shop update last week, and I'm so excited to use it. Plus, I have some other lovely colors of Sophie's Toes sitting around, begging to be knit up. If you like sock knitting, you should definitely check out her yarn ... she has semi-solid stuff and variegated, and it's all just lovely.

Well that about covers things I think. Mom and I had gathered some serious steam working on the back of Dr. G's, but hit a snafu which resulted in ripping back down to the body. Maybe we'll be able to finally get them finished up this weekend....

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and is enjoying the four day week! Happy knitting!