Sunday, August 24, 2008

Socks and more...

My mom's 65th birthday was on August 8. So I bought her a new nightgown, made matching Pom Pom Peds and got her some new DVDs...all thing essentials for a cozy night in. Kat made a trip to New York in June for a history conference and was lucky enough to visit Purl Soho. She and and I decided we wanted to buy Hand Jive Nature's Palette to make the peds from their blog, The Purl Bee, and bought enough, we hope, to make 4 pairs all total. My mom's are blue with pink trim and Kat is making a pair in the reverse as a secret gift for now. She'll post hers later. My mom was pleased I think, and they were a quick and fun knit and I liked how they turned out. Our second set of pairs will be chocolate brown and yellow...two of my favorite colors.

I am including a few pictures of th peds as I put Kat's life at risk taking them. I had this idea to take pictures of her feet dangling...from a tree...and I am afraid she suffered minor bumps and scrapes from the ordeal of getting in and out of the tree. Sorry Kat... (to see all the injury-causing photos, visit me on Ravelry).

This morning we had lovely french toast, veggie bacon and fresh peaches from our trip to the market on Saturday. We all ate out on the deck taking advantage of one of the last carefree days of summer. Yummy.

In Ravelympics news, we are almost through with the body of our vests. We are making Dr. G's Memory Vest designed by Through the Loops. I have about 12 of the 13.5" done and Kat is right behind me. We are knitting the vest in the round up to the armholes and then flat knitting. At some point I really want to learn to steek and give that a try. Barring a miracle, I don't think we'll finish on time but we keep trying. During Ravelympics I have had work and a week of vacation and getting both of my daughters ready to start college. Ocean Eyes, their 6-year old brother, starts first grade it's been a busy couple of weeks and we've worked on our vests when time has allowed. Keep your fingers crossed...

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