Sunday, August 10, 2008

Deadline Knitting

When I start thinking about Mom, me and deadline knitting, I realize it's not really our strong point. For instance, awhile back we posted our plans for spring break knitting -- Ms. Marigold and Juliet. I was home, I think, about ten days for spring break, getting ready for a term abroad and honestly thought that with Mom working and me running around preparing we could finish two sweaters. Now, we did finish one, Juliet. But not within the week. There were hold ups, froggings, etc. Mom finished, I think, shortly after I left, but she has since decided to rip out some of the length. And mine languished for awhile in a ziploc bag on a shelf in my hostel, then was finally finished. It's another one of those projects that slipped through the blogging cracks this spring, so here it is:

Juliet by Zephyr Style
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in 025
Needles: Addi Circulars size 10 1/2
Start/Finished: some time this spring....
Buttons: wooden from Loop in London

I really liked this sweater, except that I really don't like chunky knits so much. I think lots of times they tend to look sloppy. The yarn was very soft, but, if I recall, a bit given to splitting. But the pattern was fun, and I like the end result. I don't quite know when to wear it though. The yarn is super warm, but the sleeves are so short .... maybe wearing it over a turtleneck or something in the fall would be my best bet.

We bought some yarn to make another version in a smaller gauge (inspired by this version) which I think would be nice, and more practical for wearing in the spring/early summer. But overall, a very satisfying project.

What prompted this reflection on deadline knitting? Mom and I cast on Friday for the Ravelympics. We're both making Dr. G's Memory Vest and so far, the going has been slow. Friday was busy, so we didn't have time to do anything but cast on, and we promptly ripped our cast on out Saturday morning and re-did it using long-tail method. We're knitting the vest in the round instead of in pieces, so the rows are pretty long. This is my first time really doing any cabling, and it has really been a bit hard on my hands. Hopefully though, the pace will pick up soon, and we'll have some nice in progress shots to show you.

Speaking of pictures, I'd like to take this opportunity to say a word about ours. Mom has been doing almost all the photography, and I think she's doing quite a wonderful job. Just wanted to make sure she got credit for all the lovely photos we've been posting lately :)

Wish us luck in the Ravelympics ... hopefully we'll make it to the finish line!

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