Thursday, March 19, 2009

It must be spring break because I'm blogging again...

So, as usual, not much (and by not much, I mean none) blogging happened during winter trimester. It's just so hard at school to even find time to knit, let alone blog about it. Who knows, maybe this spring will be different. But for the time being, I'm happily home and able to catch up on some long neglected blogging.

In today's edition of let's catch up, I have something really embarrassing to share. Christmas knitting. And really, there's no excuse for this. As you'll see from the photos, even the pictures were taken at Christmas. I just got back to school and got lazy. But partially in my defense, these weren't actually gifted until the beginning of January when I got back to school and could give them to the giftees. So, let's get down to it...

Pattern: Rose Hill Hat by Erin Harris (ravelry link)
Yarn: 1 + a bit skeins of Zitron Loft Classic in 1244
Needles: US 7 Addis
Start/Finish Date: Dec 8, 2008

Ok, so I saw this tha on a friend to knit with's blog and fell in love. With the hat, the yarn, everything. And even though I really wanted one for me, I'd also promised to make my roommates hats for Christmas and it seemed perfect for one of them. The only mod was that I added about an inch to the length so it would cover the ears and least partially. The original doesn't really touch them, and while that's cute and all, for winter in Minnesota, you don't want a hat that doesn't cover the tips of your ears. This is really the best Christmas gift ever ... it only took a day to make.

Pattern: Koolhaas by Jared Flood in IK Holiday 2007 (ravelry)
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Kettle Dyed in Ivy Kettle
Needles: ?? Just not really sure ..
Start/Finish Dates: Dec 9 2008/Dec 14 2008

This was for my othe roommate. I love the hat ... I don't know if you can see just how lovely the color variations are from the photo, but really, they are. It was much less pleasant to make though. The pattern is great and the hat is beautiful, but it was really hard on my hands and slow going. But I'm happy I made one ... I'd wanted to for quite awhile.

Pattern: None ... just a 3x2 rib scarf
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Navy and Gray for the tips
Needles: US 7 Addis
Start/Finish Date: Dec 1 2008/Dec 7 2008

This was for our unofficial 4th roommate. He wanted a scarf and gave me no specifics other than that. He's a very boy-next-door kind of guy, so I figured a classic scarf would be best. It was a pretty boring project, but it looks nice!

So that wraps up the Christmas knitting. There was another big finish right before (literally the day before) I left for school that I still need to block and photograph. I'm really excited to share it ...

Also, I'll have to share the two little projects I managed to get done at school and what Mom and I are working on now. It will (maybe) be a blog-post filled next ten days ...

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